Best Betting Sites for Big Bets on Football

High Stakes BetslipIf you’re lucky enough to be a big bettor then read on for the lowdown on the best high stakes bookmakers. These betting sites are the best for high limits, big bets, and big offers.

It can sometimes seem like bookies want to have their cake and eat it. Make losing bets and they’ll encourage you to lose more. However, place a few big winning bets and you’ll soon find your account limited. Or, even worse, closed down entirely.

If you like to put your money where your mouth is in a serious way, the following bookies are the best around for big bets, and one sticks out by a country mile. One of the following sites has, in fact, guaranteed to never to limit or ban you.

Whether you’re betting on the World Cup, Premier League, or any other football, if you want to bet big then these are the sites to use.

Betfair Exchange and Sportsbook

Betfair LogoBetfair offers a broad range of products making them an excellent one-stop-shop for punters. As well as the Casino, Poker and Bingo suites, they offer both a Betting Exchange and a Sportsbook.

It’s the Betfair Exchange that will be of most interest to those making very large wagers, as it offers much more value than the sportsbook in most cases.

A betting exchange is not like a standard online bookmaker, and as a high roller you will probably know this already, but for those new to exchanges we’ll explain a little more.

There is also a full article on this here.

An Exchange is Not a Bookie

At an exchange you bet against other punters and third parties as opposed to the bookmaker themselves, Betfair simply acts as a middle man, bringing together people who fancy opposite sides of the same bet. So if you want to place a big bet on Man United to win the league, Betfair will find you someone who is prepared to lay that bet at the same price.

Betting exchange

Because there is no bookmaker, there are no limits and often much higher odds, since the bookie is not having to build their margin into the price. Betfair simply takes a small commission from each bet, but the odds will still be much better 99% of the time even after this has been taken into account, especially on outsiders.

No Limits and No Closed Accounts

Because you are not winning money directly from Betfair there is no danger of you having your account closed. You can win as much as you want with no risk at all. In fact, Betfair needs winners, because that’s who they take their commissions from with this business model.

What’s more, the only limits are those dictated by the liquidity of the market. In simple terms, that means there are no limits as long as there are people offering the other side of your bet. On big games and matches that essentially means no limits at all as there will be plenty of liquidity.

For example, you would have been able to bet more than £100,000 on France in the 2018 World Cup with ease. If you wanted to bet even more than that it wouldn’t have been a problem but you may have had to take slightly lower odds in order to get the liquidity. Trying to place a bet on Rushden and Diamonds in the Southern League might prove a little trickier though, as there will be hardly anyone else betting on it.

Betfair: The Best

In conclusion, we have little doubt that Betfair is the best option for football and sports high rollers who want to bet big. Your account will never be closed due to winning, you can easily see what liquidity is available and thus how much you can bet and at what odds, and moreover, because Betfair is by far and away the biggest Exchange there is, you won’t find greater liquidity anywhere else.

They have really good odds, a great site, and some excellent offers. So, if that sounds like an unbeatable high roller option to you, join Betfair.

Other Good Betting Sites for Big Bets

There are loads of other decent options when it comes to making big bets. We hear mixed reports from customers about bookies being quick to limit bets or close accounts, but much comes down to what you bet on and there is also a certain degree of luck involved.

If you’re staking four, five, or six-figure sums on Premier League match odds you’ll probably be fine. However, similar bets, especially winners, on the Danish second division, are far more likely to see you limited.

All of the football bookies we work with we’re confident in saying are safe, fair, and trustworthy. As said, if you’re betting and winning big, that simply has to be the number one concern.

All of the great bookies we feature on this site offer new customers a free bet or bonus when you join. OK, if you’re betting £20k, a free £20 might not mean all that much to you, but it doesn’t hurt.

All of these betting sites also feature some great offers for existing customers too. All of these factors might not be the main reason to choose a particular bookmaker but if there’s extra value to be had it would seem silly not to take it.