Betfair Money Back Extra Offers Cash Back and Best of all YOU Choose What Triggers the Refund

Loads of betting sites offer money back deals but Money Back Extra in the Betfair Sportsbook is unique in that you get to choose what event will trigger the cashback, meaning more excitement, more skill and, hopefully, a better chance of winning some free bets as insurance if your main bet doesn’t win.

What is Betfair Money Back Extra?

Money Back Extra is an ongoing football promotion that features on several games per week and allows you to choose what event in the game will trigger a refund of select losing bets. It usually features on the biggest televised Premier League and Champions League games – the latest matches can be seen on the Betfair Sportsbook Promotions tab.

You will be given a choice of five refund triggers, for example a named player to score, a sending off in the game, a penalty, over a certain number of goals or perhaps a certain score to occur at any point during the match.

Other Brilliant Football Offers

Goalscorer bets (first, last, anytime), correct score bets and anytime correct score bets are all eligible for the cashback and if your bet on any of those markets (in the Betfair Sportsbook, not Exchange) loses BUT you Money Back Extra trigger happens, Betfair will refund your losing bet up to £25 as a free bet to give you a second bite of the footballing cherry.

The offer applies to Sportsbook bets placed pre-match and not cashed out. Only your first bet on a Money Back Extra game will be eligible for the free bet refund and free bets (which are stake not returned) are valid for seven days once issued (usually within three hours of the game ending).

Money Back Extra Tips and Strategy

There are lots of ways to use the Money Back Extra to hopefully profit but, of course, as you only get the free bet if you lose, the most important thing is to try and win your bet in the first place. Our betting tips can help with that but otherwise sticking to the anytime scorer market is probably the best option if you intend to stake the full £25, although that depends on your betting budget of course.

Having decided what to bet on, choosing your refund trigger is the next step and there are two main choices here. Either choose the option that you think is most likely to happen or pick an option that works well with your original bet.

You can either decide for yourself which trigger has the best chance of landing or you can check the latest odds and simply opt for the trigger that has the shortest odds.

If you go for the second tactic then choosing a trigger that opposes your bet can be a good way of increasing your odds of either winning the bet OR getting a refund. For example, if you bet on Wayne Rooney to score first you might choose Sergio Aguero to score first as your Money Back Extra trigger.

Ultimately, whatever you do this cash back offer is a nice insurance that increases your overall chance of making a profit. If you bet on the Money Back Extra markets regularly, for example correct score or first goalscorer, then over the course of the season you might rack up quite a few free bets and from those you’ll have a great chance of recovering some money as you can use the free bets however you see fit.