Premier League Betting

The Premier League is one of the most exciting football leagues in the world… and it can be made even more thrilling if you have a bet on it!

Here we will be bringing you the latest, greatest Premier League betting offers, bonuses and promotions from only the most trusted bookmakers – we only feature bookies we bet with ourselves and who we are happy are safe, fair and have something good to offer.

Further down the page we also have a host of information about the Premier League itself. So why not make the most of the latest betting offers and make a plan of how you can beat the bookies?

Premier League History, Facts, Stats and Odds

The Premier League is the height of English football in which some of the greatest clubs, players and managers in the world pit their wits. The side that finishes top of the division come the end of the season are crowned the champions of England. Manchester City achieved such that feat in May 2014, while the teams that finish from 2nd-4th qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Those three sides last season were Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. Three sides are relegated each year and are replaced by the three who are promoted from the tier below, the Championship. Those three promoted sides in 2014 are Leicester City, Burnley and Queens Park Rangers.

A Brief History of the Premier League

The Premier League began as an entity in 1992 when the members of the First Division decided to break away from the Football League and accept a TV deal from Sky that sent the commercialisation of football into another level. As the Premier League ‘brand’ has escalated over the last 20 years or so, the competition has become more and more global. Football fans from all over the world tune in to see their favourite players and teams while more and more nationalities are represented in the division year on year.

There have been various concerns over the last few years that the money involved in European football, as well as the fact that the prize money and TV money increases the higher up the table you finish, is rapidly increasing the gap in revenue between the top few clubs and the rest. As this gap increases, the big clubs will be able to afford the lower clubs’ best players and they will never truly be allowed to progress.

Liverpool’s capture of Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert from Southampton, who were excellent last season, is evidence of this. Commercial deals make this problem even worse, with deals such as Man United’s recent agreement for Adidas to make their kit worth a staggering £750m over 10 years, a figure that is close to the total turnover of many other Premier League sides.

As the competition has grown in stature, betting has grown with it and is now an enormous feature in the commercialisation of the league. Millions and millions of pounds are traded year on year just on the Premier League. These bets are hugely varied, ranging from outright markets such as who will be the champions or the top scorer to specific details such as which side will have more corners in individual games. Betting is now a massive part of both the history and the present of the Premier League, with many teams sponsored by online betting sites or featuring an official bookmaker with which they are affiliated.

Premier League Facts and Stats

There have been five Champions of the Premier League in its history (correct as of 2014). Manchester United, under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson, have won the competition a record 13 times having topped the table in the division’s first ever season. Blackburn Rovers were the next winners in 1995 but they couldn’t manage sustained success and an Arsenal/Manchester United period of dominance ensued, the Gunners winning the title in 1998, 2002 and 2004. Chelsea have also won the title three times, under Jose Mourinho in 2005 and 2006 and Carlo Ancelotti in 2010. Manchester City then became the second Manchester club to win the title in 2012 and they are the current champions having won the title again in May 2014.

The Citizens are arguably the club most on the rise in England and are developing a worldwide reputation. They reckoned to be a decent bet to retain their title by the bookies, while Chelsea are the outright favourites having spent plenty of money on Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa this summer.

Surprisingly, given that they have not featured in the majority of Premier League campaigns so far, Reading are involved in the top two highest-scoring games in the history of the competition. They have however lost both of them, going down 7-4 to Portsmouth at Fratton Park in 2007 while later in the campaign losing 6-4 at Tottenham. Ipswich are the side to have lost by the highest margin, being dismantled 9-0 by Manchester United in 1995. Neither Reading or Ipswich are available in Premier League betting markets this summer however as they both currently preside in the Championship.

Despite the Premier League being a competition heavily influenced by foreign culture, eight of the top 10 scorers of all time are English; Thierry Henry and Robin van Persie the exceptions. Alan Shearer tops the list having scored 260 goals for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United while Andrew Cole, Henry, Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard make up the top five. With Rooney on 173 he will look to climb that list, alongside RVP who is on 134 as the 2014-15 season approaches.

Ryan Giggs holds the record for the most appearances in Premier League history, with 632 outings under his belt for Manchester United, while Frank Lampard and David James complete the top three.

The most expensive transfer fee paid by an English club is the £50m spent by Chelsea on Fernando Torres from Liverpool while the three highest transfer fees ever paid in the history of the game are all players leaving the Premier League; Gareth Bale to Real Madrid from Tottenham, Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid from Manchester United and Luis Suarez to Barcelona from Liverpool. The fees for all three are undisclosed but figures of around £85m, £80m and £75m are widely accepted to be accurate. Put another way, you could have the three of those players or 480,000,000 packs of Panini stickers. You might just complete the album with athat!

Betting on the Premier League

Betting on the Premier League can be a fun and – hopefully – profitable thing to do. There are so many betting markets available now, with over 100 for each individual match, ranging from the match result to the number of goals, the first/last/anytime goalscorers to whether a red card will be shown or a penalty missed. Basically, if you can think of a bet you can probably place it on a Premier League match.

With the advent of in-play betting you can even place you bets while the match is being played, betting on things like the next team to score or even whether the next set play will be a corner, throw-in or goal kick!

The key to making a profit from betting on the Premier League is the same as for all sports and competitions: do your homework. It is unlikely the bookies will get the odds wrong, as they do with some lower or foreign leagues on occasion, but there are so many betting offers available for Premier League matches these days that you can always find a nice chunk of betting value. These will range from enhanced odds to money back offers and help to give you the edge with your bets. The same goes for the bookies’ free bets that they dish out when you first join them.

So, in short, study the form, head to head record and general stats, snap up any free bets or betting offers that are available, place your bets and then sit back to enjoy watching the best football league in the world!