BetVictor Golden Goal: Free to Enter, Huge Jackpot!

This Offer Has Ended – Please note this is no longer running, although we’re hoping it will come back in the near future. Stay tuned for more details.

BetVictor Golden Goal offers new and existing customers the chance to win £50,000 (or more!) without risking a penny!

BetVictor Golden Goal has been going for a few seasons now but has been revamped for 2017-18. It’s a brilliant prediction game that could leave you 50 grand – or more – richer. And best of all it’s 100% free to play!

Golden Goal – Win £50,000 at BetVictor

As said, Golden Goal is free to enter and has a prize guaranteed to be at least £50,000! We don’t reckon you can say much fairer than that!

Each week BetVictor will nominate a game and you just have to predict the scorer, minute of the first goal and the correct score. Not easy, but then there is HUGE cash up for grabs and it’s free to enter!

The Golden Goal game is usually the biggest match each Sunday. Games might be from the Premier League, FA Cup or even an international.

You get one free entry each week but can earn a further two by betting more on sports or casino games.

If more than one person correctly guesses the correct minute and player, as well as the correct score, the jackpot pool is shared between those players.

On the other hand, if nobody guesses correctly the prize money increases, with £25,000 added for the next week. Who knows how big that jackpot could get with a run of freak results?

  • Must have a BetVictor account to play
  • Get one free entry every week
  • Place a total of £25 on any BetVictor Casino or sports bet to claim a second entry and another £25 for a third
  • Select player and minute for first goalscorer, as well as full time correct score from dropdown
  • You can make and change selections right up until kick off
  • Own goal is a valid selection and covers all own goals
  • Minute 45 and minute 90 include injury time at the end of each half

BetVictor Golden Goal Strategy

Popular Players

When it comes to playing Golden Goal at BetVictor, there are two main strategies. One, is to simply try and win, whilst the other is to try and win big.

Choosing an in-form striker for the stronger team and a minute around the 25-35 mark may well give you the best chance of winning. Throw in a 2-1 home win and you’ve probably got the most likely outcome statistically speaking. If you just want to win, then this is probably the best strategy.

Go For Glory

On the other hand, this is a free to enter competition and there is £50,000 (or more!) up for grabs! If, for example, you pick a player like Aguero, Costa or Lukaku, there is a fair chance that lots of other Golden Goal entrants will have too. So, whilst Costa and 45 minutes was a winning selection when Chelsea played Hull in the 2016-17 season, 130 people all called it.

That meant a dividend of £192.31. A nice win, for sure, but not life changing. If you want to really go for the full jackpot, you need to look for a really unusual choice. Defenders are likely to be a good choice, whilst minutes right at the start or end of the game may also increase your chances of the big win.

Correct Score Too

In 2017-18 Golden Goal changed and is now a little tougher to predict. You now have to call the correct score too, which means that the chances are we’ll see fewer winners but bigger jackpots. Opt for a very early or late minutes, an odd scorer and an unusual score (anything with a 4 in should do it!) and if you win, there is a fair chance you’ll be the only winner.

That said, with the correct score component now added as well, Golden Goal is already very hard to predict. As such, even “popular” selections should still yield a big jackpot. Therefore, under the new rules, we feel you’re definitely best off simply trying to land the win. Unless you’re really convinced otherwise, sticking to the most common scores (1-1, 1-0, 2-1, 1-2) and the most likely scorers, is the tactic we’d recommend this season.