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Latest Enhanced Odds Offers and Info

Odds Enhancements and Price Boosts

One of the most common betting offers around is the price boost, also referred to as an odds enhancement or – just to mix things up! – enhanced odds. In general this type of offer comes in two different forms. Originally enhanced odds were viewed more as a promotion aimed at existing customers and this is still very common. However, in more recent times online betting sites have been using MASSIVELY enhanced odds to replace the usual welcome bonus or free bet.

Whether you are taking advantage of a price boost as either a current account holder with a particular online bookie or taking up their enhanced odds as a welcome bonus, the principle remains the same. As the name suggests, the standard odds are enhanced, boosted, made bigger – call it what you will. Bigger odds means more profit when you win and with no downside to these promotions there is no reason at all why you should grab a price boost when you see one.

How do Enhanced Odds Betting Offers Work?

  • If the enhanced odds offer is aimed at existing customers it is more commonly referred to as a price boost and in this instance all you have to do is place your bet as normal to access the improved betting odds.
  • If your enhanced odds are a special promotion granted to new customers only the terms can vary a lot but more information can be found below.
  • As a general rule you place your bet as normal at the standard odds and have the winnings topped up once the bet has won.

Enhanced Odds Welcome Offers and Price Boosts: Things to Note

With most things in life it pays to know what you’re doing and whilst the huge, reputable and excellent betting sites we work with are all totally trustworthy and not trying to trick anyone, it’s always a good idea to make sure you read the terms of the offer you are interested. That way you can make sure you don’t miss out because of a minor technicality and equally you won’t get any unpleasant surprises when your bet settles.

Below are some important general pointers that often apply to the various types of odds enhancements.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum stake? Most odds enhancements available to new customers have a maximum stake and money wagered above that level will only be paid out at the standard odds.
  • Is the offer for new customers, existing or both? Check this as many of the very best offers are for newbies only.
  • Some betting sites, including the Betfair Sportsbook, pay the additional winnings as free bets rather than straight cash. That’s not as good but the enhancements themselves are usually better than you’ll find elsewhere.
  • Any extras? Some bookies include a second stage to their offer, for example Betfair usually either offer your money back as a free bet if your opening odds enhancement loses or further free bets when you place more wagers.
  • Is a price boost really a price boost? Many odds advertised as huge price boosts on TV may still be lower than you could find elsewhere so it’s still worth checking the new price is great value.
  • Is the offer only available when you have clicked through a specific link or entered a certain bonus code. Our site will always make that clear and if you click through a banner advertising enhanced odds you’ll be fine but don’t just assume you’ll get the promotional odds if a friend tells you or you see something on Twitter

Price Boosts and Enhanced Odds Offers: Examples

There are loads and loads of different variations on the theme of bigger odds at the brilliant betting sites we work with and these tend to change from time to time and because they relate to specific matches or selections we can’t list too many specifics here. 

Details of promotions and bonuses and betting odds quoted are correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change. 18+ Gamble Responsibly.